Anyone Can drown…No one should.

The first few moments of a crisis can be the difference between life and death. Having the correct knowledge and instinctively knowing what to do is priceless. If you are a parent, grandparents, babysitter, nanny, caregiver or someone who would like to or who needs to have the knowledge, training, experience and confidence. Knowledge is power. Arm yourself and be prepared so you can be the one person who can save a life.

About Wise 2 Water

Our goal is to make Florida Water Wise! By delivering a course that is straightforward and easy to understand we can make more people aware of the dangers that they may not ordinarily see. Our classes are delivered by certified swim instructors and CPR instructors, in a personal yet professional manner. We are dedicated to reducing the incidence of drowning and preventing tragedy around water. The statistics are staggering and drowning doesn’t discriminate.

The good news is drowning is preventable! This is not just for people with swimming pools, this covers trips to the beach, ponds and around the home, water is everywhere and drowning can occur anywhere! We want you to leave this course armed with the Knowledge to prevent, recognize dangers and emergencies and be confident to administer the help needed to save a life.

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Claire Brice

Claire has been a swim instructor for 30 years. She is originally from the UK where she ran her own swim school in the South of England since 2001, operating over 5 locations, later building a teaching pool for children for one-to-one swim lessons before relocating to Florida in 2016 where she established a successful Swim School. Claire has a passion for teaching special needs children as well as helping adults overcome their water- based fears. It was through this that Claire realized the overwhelming lack of basic life-saving skills in this area and the desperate need for more comprehensive courses and skill creation.

“I was teaching an adult to swim, and she asked me how to swim to the bottom of the pool My reply was that it is difficult People assume that it’s easy to sink to the bottom but it really isn’t, you need to be quite a proficient swimmer for that. My student then went on to ask in horror how she would be able to rescue my children if they sunk to the bottom. She then started to worry about the babysitter. Many people only asked if the can swim, never even realizing they actually needed to check on their proficiency!” – CLAIRE

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